Vitamix Deluxe 5200 Blender Review

Vitamix always releases blenders with different sets of features and functionality. Similar to other models, the 5200 blender is available in normal, deluxe, and super versions. Each version of the appliance scores high in both looks and performance. You have the option to select a blender of your color preference from white, red and black. The deluxe model comes as a combination package, and contains a 64 oz wet blade container along with two 32 oz containers with a dry and a wet blade. You can use the different containers based on the type of food items and the exact type of blending required. Also, with containers of different sizes you can easily finish the blending work in comparatively lesser time.

The capacity of 64 oz is huge enough to complete the daily blending requirements of your entire family. You can simply put the ingredients inside it and let the blender take care of the performance with its huge sized container. Performance of the appliance further increases with two 32 oz containers with a dry and wet blade. The normal grinding of herbs and dry food items can be done in a better manner using the smaller container with a dry blade. Similarly, you have the option to use the bigger and smaller sized containers to blend other normal food items and fruits based on the processed quantity. The containers are also equipped with twist-off lid plugs marked with measurements. So you can easily measure the exact amount of ingredient required based on your recipe, and make the dish turn out great with less mess.

Each of the containers use a designer label, beautiful shell, and soft touch switch. The soft touch switch allows you to start the blending process with a single touch after putting the food items inside the container. With the twist-off lids you can easily pour liquid items inside the containers even during the process of blending. The motor is also powerful and lets you blend a wide range of food items irrespective of their size and shape. You can blend cheese fondues perfectly as well as grinding grains into flour. Along with these useful features, the appliance made by Vitamix comes with a 7 year warranty, which gives you the ability to use the blender over a long period of time without anxiety about damage or loss. You can add this useful blender to your kitchen and enjoy its benefits for many years without any worry.


  • 64 oz wet blade Tritan container
  • 32 oz dry blade Tritan container
  • 32 oz. wet blade Tritan container
  • Each container features a twist-off lid plug, conveniently marked with measurement
  • Custom-designed for Vitamix, a new standard in blender performance
  • Soft touch switches, designer label, beautiful shell, all new DVD and cookbooks


  • Container capacity: 64 oz and 32 oz
  • Container material: copolyester
  • Manufacturer: Vitamix
  • Pour spout: Yes
  • Color: White, Black and Red
  • Timer: No
  • Food processor attachments: No
  • Product: 7-year warranty
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